Headshots : Why a Great Image Matters

When it comes to businesses that require sales and self branding, being remembered everything.

One of my best friends recently got her real estate license in a place she is not originally from, therefore having to really network to build her career.

In one hour we got in 4 sophisticated looks, which makes it fun if she wants to change up her social media with the seasons.

A good headshot puts your best foot forward and lets people know that you care and are confident in yourself, so they can be confident in letting you care for them.

A personable headshot can not only attract clients now, but can be the inspiration of a smile 20 years from now.  I believe everyone should exist in photos if not for themselves, for those that love them. Only you can give that unique smile and energy in a photograph that will bring beautiful memories to someone years from now.  Photos last a lifetime, invest in some that will be cherished forever.

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I am going to extend this topic to more than headshots, into also getting photoshoot doing what you love to do.  I love environment and story, and capturing people in their element brings a whole new sense of dimension and passion to the pictures.

Which is why after headshots I was so excited to get some shots of her doing yoga, because she is amazing.  Like seriously, AMAZEing.

Kelly has always been an inspiration to me, as well as her whole family.  Healthy, balanced, strong and zen are all qualities I would use to describe her, and if you need a home in Norman, Oklahoma, give her a ring!  Also check out her facebook where she does Fun Fact Fridays, which we always look forward to. 🙂

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