Mica’s Birthday Shoot

Dallas Texas Addison Circle Glamour Fashion Photography

We celebrated my beautiful friend Mihaela with a fun fashion shoot.  She is my style icon, with the perfect complete looks for every occasion. 20140811-miheala web-38 20140811-miheala web-37 20140811-miheala web-36 20140811-miheala web-35  20140811-miheala web-32 20140811-miheala web-33 20140811-miheala web-31 20140811-miheala web-30 20140811-miheala web-29 20140811-miheala web-28 20140811-miheala web-27 20140811-miheala web-26 20140811-miheala web-25 20140811-miheala web-24 20140811-miheala web-23 20140811-miheala web-22 20140811-miheala web-21 20140811-miheala web-20 20140811-miheala web-19 20140811-miheala web-18 20140811-miheala web-17 20140811-miheala web-16

20140811-miheala web-6

20140811-miheala web 30

20140811-miheala web-8

20140811-miheala web-7

20140811-miheala web-1320140811-miheala web-14   20140811-miheala web-11 20140811-miheala web-10     20140811-miheala web-5 20140811-miheala web-4 20140811-miheala web-3 Dallas Texas Addison Circle Glamour Fashion Photography