Winter Park, Colorado

Winterpark Lakota Homes for Rent

Our amazingly generous clients and friends, Philip and Kami Hudgins, let us use their Winter Park home for our pre-wedding party ski weekend.  The views, the finish out, the kitchen, the bathrooms were all spectacular. It was like living in an HGTV dream home for a weekend.

We got lucky with fresh powder everyday, the conditions for skiing and snowboarding couldn’t have been better.  Coming home to relax in the hot tub,  assisting our master chef Jennifer in the kitchen for dinner, eating and playing games around the table as one big family was the best trip we could ask for.

It was such a great way for everyone to bond before the big wedding weekend, we feel so blessed for the opportunity.  Getting to spend quality time with some of  our favorite people in a dream location was the perfect way to start the #RockettWedding festivities. <3

Thank you Philip and Kami!

See all the pictures of the house and our weekend here.

Interested in renting this home?  You should!  See more information about the home here.

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